Brownsville Road

Elizabeth Gale and Mike play in this band. Not very active lately, but you never know.

Idyll hands

Mike and Susan played in this band, which still played the occasional gig after many years but finally went "inactive" when its founder, Jim Bicknell passed away.

Shanghaied on the Willamette

Gordie Euler and Jonathan Lay's fine Portland area band.

The Smelter Rats

Mike and Peg are charter members of this Tacoma-based band, and their CD, "Done Dead and Gone", has also been well-received. Check out the home page by Kevin Cavanagh, the Rat fiddler.


is an excellent folk duo -- guitars and mandolin -- great vocals -- original songs.

Bruce Haedt

Some very interesting stuff. Mike is on one track on his new album, "Crow".

Matt Price

We do a couple of his original songs. Great stuff on his all-original album.

Victory Music

A really great musicians cooperative -- very "folk friendly".


The Folklife Festival website. Folklife takes place Memorial day weekend every year in Seattle. How many bands "point to" Folklife as their year's big event? Quite a few, we'd bet.