Idyll Hands

WAY BACK THEN (1991): The original Idyll Hands, established 1991. Sue, Jim Bicknell, Mary Bicknell, Mike, Jay Finkelstein. Jim Bicknell is the official "founder" of Idyll Hands.

Idyll Hands, taken in 1991

THEN (1992) University District Street Fair (our first real gig):

Idyll Hands, taken in 1992

THEN (1993): In the Bicknell's back yard.

Idyll Hands, taken in 1994

THEN (1993): Folklife -- Flag Plaza Stage

Idyll Hands at Folklife, taken in 1994

RECENT: Preston Dance, 2005.

Idyll Hands does Portugal! Sue had to drop out of this due to infants and pregnancy. It took two fiddlers to replace her! Elizabeth Gale and Gordie Euler joined the group for the Portugal tour, where we backed up the InFolkMotion dancers in a series of festivals centered around Porto.

Many of the Portugese folk festivals began with a march through town to the performance venue. Note that it is possible for a banjo player to walk and play concurrently. Asking him to chew gum at the same time might have caused overload.

Backing up the InFolkMotion dancers. We tried to recruit him as a backup banjo player, but he couldn't sing a note.

On the main stage in downtown Porto. What a trip!

Jamming with the Polish contingent.